Success Story

Success Story


In Rumah Kids (2005-2014)

Current Position: Customer Service Specialist

Shaklee Malaysia

Hi everyone! My name is Hibby. The nickname given during my stay in Rumah Kids. I came into Rumah KIDS when I was 13 years old after my mom passed away due to Cervical cancer. My father could not care for me as he was very sick during that time. Luckily, I was sent to Rumah KIDS by my stepsister who attends Grace Assembly.

A year after that, my dad passed away. I was the only Chinese girl staying in Rumah KIDS with all my Indian brothers and sisters. To be honest, now when I think back the life when I was with Rumah KIDS, I felt that I am truly blessed by them. I even got the chance to study in the Chung Hua Chinese High School. After I graduated from high school, I was sponsored to study for Beautician Course, and I graduated after 6 months when I was 22 years old. After that, I decided to move out from Rumah KIDS and stood up on my own rental a small room at Subang Jaya and found a beauticianjob worked there for almost a year.

After that, I decided to change my job as a beauty consultant for almost 3 years, and then I decided to think outside the box and tried to work as a Customer Service Specialist until now 7 years at Shaklee Malaysia. I am very grateful to Rumah KIDS for caring for me for ten years.

During that ten years, they had taught me many things in life. Sometimes when I was feeling down in my life, I will always think back on the words they had taught me ” Always believe in God, everything happened for a reason.” And I kept it in my heart. I am very proud that I have Indian family members in Rumah KIDS. Thank you Rumah KIDS for all the blessings and love that you have given to me.

Ms. Sarah Anbu

Rumah Kids (1998-1999)

Current Position: Head of Primary

Pine Hill International School

Warm greetings to everyone who would be reading my testimony. Before I testify, please do not feel sad or sorry for me rather I pray that you would see what Christ has done in my life and hopefully you would come to know HIM too.

My name is Sarah Anbu. My biological mom had me when she was just a teenager. Since she was just a teenager at that time she could not work and raise me up. So, she sent me to Rumah Kids when I was 3 1⁄2 years old. There at Rumah Kids I was given proper meals, clothes, education, and care that I needed. Besides that, spiritually I was also fed the Word of God by the house parents.

Then at the age of 4 1⁄2 years old, Brother Anbu who is the home- coordinator of Rumah Kids he and his wife fostered me into their home and family. From then on, I have been staying with them till present.

Here I also was constantly taught the word of God, given good education and a home and family to belong in. Additionally, on special occasions I do visit my biological mother and siblings.

During my secondary education at Grace Resource Centre Klang, I was sponsored by Rev. Henry Pillai then the Chairman of Rumah Kids. Rev Henry also sponsored my tertiary studies until I was able to work and support my own studies.

Now I am 26 and working as an international school teacher at Pine Hills International School. I teach the primary students and by God’s favor been given the position of the Head of Primary Teacher. I am still pursuing my bachelor’s in theology at Alpha Omega International College. I worship at Grace Assembly Klang and am involved in the worship and children’s ministry.

I thank God although the start of my childhood was not necessarily the best, but God put me in Rumah Kids and from there fostered and given a home and family. This is truly God in my life, and I thank God for bringing Rumah Kids, Rev Henry, and my foster parents in my life to shape and mold me to who I have become today. Above all Jesus is the one orchestrating everything beautifully in my life and continues to help me walk in HIS purpose and for that I am eternally grateful to HIM!